Rain Sensors and Cameras and their replacement.

A windshield with sensors, has a higher replacement cost than a regular windshield. Calibrating each sensor is the most time-consuming aspect of replacing these types of windshields. Not only does it take longer, but windshield technicians have to be certified and use specific tools to get the job done. 

The car’s entire computer system will also likely need to be recalibrated. Heads-Up displays that project dashboard information onto the windshield will need to be readjusted, and dashboard cameras need to be realigned. 

You can make the experience less of a hassle by bringing it to us. Have a record of all your vehicle’s features on hand. These preparations will make the process easier. Although there isn’t a lot you can do to prevent a cracked windshield, when it happens you can expect a few hassles. It’s worth it to get all the safety and technology benefits of these high-tech windshields. 

Rain Sensors and Cameras and their replacement.

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