Lamishield Services

We work with people and companies to fit and fix their automotive glass for a customized plan



Windscreen Fitment

Our windscreen repair systems are of high quality. Our auto glass products are used by professional fitment centers, panel beaters and individuals.

Stone Chip Repair

We have acquired world class tools to make the task easy and upto the standard. The equipment is used by professional repair and replacement technicians at our site.

Panel Glass Fitting

Our glass panels are assembled in moulding gasket that provides weather-tight fitting at the rear of the cab or canopy along with a functional, smooth sliding center window. 

Moulding and Adhesives

For Leaking and whistling windscreens. If you find air or water coming in from the edges of your windscreen it may mean that the moulding has started to lose its grip on the glass. We can fix this for you.

Get New Product & Discounts

We will give you discounts if you bring your fleet to us and support our business.

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